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Typical Products of Mugello

The most typical food products of the territory of Mugello include the Marrone del Mugello IGP (grown in the area of Marradi, the marrone is a type of chestnut that is big and soft and very edible - considered by many of the world's best chestnuts!), the bread of the Mugello and the Raviggiolo, a soft, fresh cheese.

There has also always been a great passion for crafts in the Mugello. Even today, the territory is home to many small workshops that continue to manually produce their fares.

Among the most characteristic artisan work found in the area of Mugello is the workmanship of "cutting irons" or rather of knives, found in Scarperia and of quarrying "pietro serena" in the nothern towns. Ceramics, wood carvings and wrought-iron creations are also made in the area.

The results of the work of these artisans can be appreciated and purchased in the frequent events and demonstrations dedicated to artisan workmanship that are organized throughout the territory of the Mugello.

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